Agapé Candles is a California-based home fragrance company. Rachel founded Agapé in 2016 and ran it as a one woman show until recently. In the Fall of 2020 her husband Chris left the corporate world and together they design, produce and ship the entire line in their downtown studio. 

As Agapé grows, we are committed to keeping sustainability in our products down to the packaging and reusable vessels. We are not about creating more but creating better.  All of our products are made from 100% soy wax that is domestically grown. Our entire line is cruelty-free, phthalate-free, dye-free and eco-friendly.

This line was developed with the idea that candles should be an everyday luxury. Our clean branded packaging and minimal aesthetic is on purpose. The purpose for anyone to be able to seamlessly style them in their home. To give moments of restoration throughout the day as well as inspiration.


So, what is Agapé? It is about loving and embracing one another, simply because they are a being. Within the Christian faith It is used to describe the unconditional and pure love that God has for his Children.  Agapé is also one of the 4 greek words for love (storge, philia, eros, and agapé). 

This isn't just a candle, it's Apothecary for the Soul.

Rachel Rae, Creator + Founder of Agapé Candles

Hi, I'm Rachel Rae, the founder of Agapé Candles. As long as I can remember i have always been a connoisseur of candles (if you will) and loved fragrances. Even my daily perfumes were different ones layered for a unique scent. I started making my own candles because I just couldn't find the perfect scent for my home. It evolved and Agapé Candles was born! 

   Creating this line, I have poured my heart and soul into every piece of it. Choosing the name was the most important for me. I get asked often why Agapé? Simply, it is love. The love God has for us and what we should have for one another. And who doesn't love, love?! Each candle is personal to me and there is a story or memory behind each scent. 

   When I'm not pouring candles in the studio you can find me decorating! I have a passion for interior design and love curating a new spaces. I also love slow Saturday mornings spent with my husband and 2 fur babies!